GRI Custom training

This is a custom training built for the Getty GRI and was delivered on the 10th of November 2023. It is a 2 hour workshop with the following aims:

  1. Brief introduction to overall IIIF capabilities. A general overview of major IIIF functionality, and a wide range of example use cases from institutional uses around the world.
  2. IIIF Viewers. The general usage of IIIF viewers, such as Mirador 3 and Universal Viewer. Other viewers, perhaps with specialized interfaces, could be added if time allows.
  3. Finding IIIF Manifests in the RCV and using them in IIIF viewers.
  4. Cropping Tools. How to extract images from within Getty IIIF manifests, and using them in well-known IIIF cropping tools.
  5. Comparison Tools. The usage of additional comparison functionality within Mirador, and how researchers and scholars use this IIIF functionality to further their work.
  6. Time-allowing: The basics of Annotations and Guided Storytelling.
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