Create a IIIF Manifest using the Bodleian Manifest Editor

Gather images

First, assemble a list of IIIF info.json URLs for your content. Ideally you should use an image from the previous Image API step but you could also use one of these:

Use the Bodleian Manifest Editor to create a manifest

  1. Navigate to the editor.

  2. Add a Canvas to your Manifest. The option to add a Canvas is below the main image preview, to the left.

    • Click the "Canvas Metadata" expander in the right-hand column.
    • Click "Add an Image". Choose the option to supply the info.json URL and enter the URL for your first image
    • Edit the Canvas Label and provide an appropriate label for your immage
    • Repeat these steps to add additional Canvases and images as desired
  3. Click the "Manifest Metadata" header in the right-hand column. Edit the Label. Supply a label for your manifest.
  4. Click "Save Manifest" at the top of the right hand column. Click "Download Manifest" in the dialog box.
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