Europeana Aggregator IIIF Training

This training is part the Europeana Aggregator training on IIIF.

About IIIF

IIIF is a standard that provides access to high quality images and videos in a method that allows users to choose different viewers to interact with cultural heritage content. It provides two main standards; the Image API and the Presentation API. The Image API allows users to zoom into high quality images to provide a fast seamless experience for delivering large images to the web. The presentation API builds on this to provide extra information about the images including metadata, page order and links to put the item in its correct context.

By relying on a set of standards the IIIF material can be viewed in multiple tools and can interoperate to allow images from multiple institutions to be shown together. This can be particularly useful for reconstructed manuscripts which may be held by different institutions. The IIIF standards also provide a basis to allow annotation of images and videos through off the shelf open source tools.

Program: How to get Started

Duration: 3 hours

  • Image API - 1 hour
  • Presentation API - 1 hour
  • Working with EDM - 1 hour


  • Glen Robson (IIIF Technical Coordinator, IIIF Consortium)
  • Lianne Heslinga (Metadata Coordinator, Europeana)
  • Fiona Mowat (Programme and Business Development, Europeana)

This session will introduce you to the IIIF Image and Presentation standards and go through a short workshop to show how you can create and use off the shelf tools to use these standards. We will discuss how to setup a IIIF system in production starting with a small collection and then how to scale up to millions of images. We will then conclude with a discussion on the wider IIIF community and where you can go for help and advice after the workshop has completed.

Attendees should leave the session with a good understanding of the different IIIF standards and what decisions need to be looked at when setting up a IIIF system in their own institution.

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