Aggregation is the action of bringing together a number of digital objects from different locations into one Website. This allows you to gather together related content into a single portal and potentially develop specific tools for that content. There are a number of organizations which have done this and integrated IIIF. The advantage of doing integration with IIIF is that you don't need to copy the Image files but instead can harvest the IIIF Manifests and embed them on your site.

There are three examples of aggregation included in this guide.

Example 1 - Manuscriptorium

Manuscriptorium seeks to aggregate the old written and documentary heritage (medieval and early modern manuscripts, incunabula, and early printed books until c. 1800) of European civilisation in a united user interface and present it to end users as well as have other sources use it (Manuscriptorium is, for example, a domain aggregator for Europeana). In addition to being an extensive digital library, Manuscriptorium has the ambition to become a virtual research environment for working with historical documents and collections by creating digital tools adapted as modules in a digital network. As a result, user data can be created in the personalised environment of an individual account and published in correlation with the aggregated content (data and metadata). The ultimate goal is the full integration in the digital network environment with the use of data standards, digitised document indexes, and persistent addressing of both complex digital documents (manuscripts, books) and their partial objects (pages) or fragments (page details) where blockchainisation is an inspiration rather than big data.


Example 2 - Europeana example

  • A large scale aggregator
  • Use a variety of methods to ingest content. Both IIIF Discovery and other technologies

To find all 4 million IIIF items:*iiif*&view=grid

Example 3 - ARGO Maps

This is a different type of aggregation focused on maps around the American Revolution.

  • Currently 16 partners
  • Includes cross instution themes and stories
  • Allows Georeferencing of Maps
  • Allows you to explore through a map

Methods for aggregation

Single item

IIIF discovery and other aggregation standards

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