Finding IIIF Manifests

One of the issues facing the IIIF Community is how to find IIIF resources. One method that the community is using to solve this problem is to create a list of guides showing how to access IIIF manifest for various institutions.

Screenshot of the Guides Website

This is available on the IIIF website at the following location:

This is a community effort and if your institution isn't listed then please feel free to add it to the Github Repository or fill in the following Google form.

If you look through the different collections listed you will notice there are many ways to get the link to a Manifest and this is also something the community is looking to standardise.

Task: Find a Manifest

Using the guides site above find a Manifest you would like to view in one of the major IIIF viewers, either Mirador or the Universal Viewer (UV). Opening Manifests in the UV and Mirador is something that we will do a lot of during the course.

Opening up a Manifest in Mirador 3

Navigate to and click the Try a Live Demo button. Once Mirador opens close the two demo objects by clicking the two crosses highlighted in the screen shot below:

Mirador close window screenshot

Then click the Start here button on the top left.

Mirador start screenshot

Then click the add resource button at the bottom right:

Mirador add Manifest button

Finally you can paste your URL to your manifest and click Add and Mirador should open your Manifest.

Mirador add Manifest

Opening up a Manifest in the Universal Viewer

Navigate to Scroll down to where you see the View a IIIF Manifest heading and enter in your Manifest URL and click View.

UV enter manifest screenshot

If you need to switch to a new manifest then scroll to the bottom of the UV page and enter it in the Set IIIF Manifest Id box and click the button next to it.

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