Audio and Visual Annotations

In the last few years there have been a number of tools developed to support Audio and Visual annotations. A/V was added in IIIF version 3 so it is a relatively recent addition and the tool support is rapidly improving.


Timeliner is an annotation tool for music education. It allows students and educators to describe the structure of a piece of music (or any audio), creating a hierarchy of parts and visualising the parts as nested bubbles.

Europeana Video Editor

Another powerful annotation tool for AV is the Europeana Video Player/Editor. As well as playing IIIF AV resources the EU Player also has annotation functionality that allows you to create general annotations and also video subtitles.


EU Player annotations

Subtitle editing

EU Player subtitles


AudiAnnotate is a publication platform for audio transcriptions created by various existing audio tools like Sonic Visualiser. The idea is that you can use your existing tool workflow to create a transcription then upload it to AudiAnnotate. AudiAnnotate will then convert the transcription into IIIF annotations and use a IIIF viewer to displayer the results. You can see a list of projects here:

and one project example here:

AudiAnnotate uses GitHub for storage so it can be run as a free service.

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