Finding Yale manuscripts

There are four guides on the IIIF guides site for different parts of Yale University:

Viewing Manifests in a Viewer

To give you an example of how to open a Manifest in a viewer lets take this page:

Which has the following Manifest:

We can view it in the Universal Viewer by going to:

and in Mirador:

Once you have found your Manifest it is a good idea to keep this in a note somewhere as we will be using this link quite a few times in this course.


IIIF Version 2 or 3

By default many of the IIIF resources available from Yale are using IIIF version 3 which is the latest and greatest IIIF version. Unfortunately some of the tools that are demonstrated today only work with IIIF version 2. Specifically Zooniverse, FromThePage and the section on working with annotations and Mirador will only work with v2 Manifests.

The Museums support both version 2 and 3 but will by default show version 3. To get to a v2 version you will need to edit the URL. For example this is a link to a v3 manifest:

and to access a v2 version you would need to request:

i.e. insert v2/ after the part.

Yale Library only supports version 3 currently but we do have the following examples of v2 library material:

Access outside of Yale

Some items are restricted to only being accessible on the Yale campus. This will mean although you can access the manifest and images you will not be able to use the tools on this course. An example of this type of material can be seen below:

and the way to tell if this is an item that falls in this category is to scroll to the bottom of the catalogue page and look for the Access and Usage rights similar to this:

Restricted images Yale

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