For this part of the course we would like to break into a hands on session following one or more of the guides given below. It is difficult to do an online workshop with everyone going at different speeds so these guides are intended to allow you to go at your own pace and choose a tool which you think might be the most applicable to your work.

I will give a small introduction to the different options:

Omeka is a powerful tool to create online exhibitions and in the use case presented can also be used in classroom settings to teach DH practices. Its is used by many different libraries and DH project to present detailed investigations into their collections including at Yale:

The other three options (FromThePage, Zooniverse and Mirador) are all about adding annotations to your IIIF resources. The three different projects each have their own strengths and can be used in different ways.

  • The Mirador workshop is the most flexible but in the form that is presented in this workshop is suitable for individual researchers or small teams to create bespoke annotations on their material.
  • FromThePage is all about transcriptions and can grow from a single researcher to a large team collaborating on a transcription.
  • Zooniverse is more about involving the public with your collections and gathering annotations at a large scale.

Each of the four options can be used in a academic setting and shows the different ways you or your users can make use of your IIIF material.

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