Creating and downloading Annotations

In this tutorial we are going to annotate an image from your own manifest using a very recently released version of the SimpleAnnotationStore. Once we have finished annotating we are going to test viewing and searching your annotations with a public viewer.

Step 1 find a Manifest

If you haven't already go back to the Finding Manifests guide and find a Manifest from one of the public collections. My personal favourite is:

Step 2 Login to SAS

  • Navigate to and click the Log in / Sign Up link.
  • This will take you to the following screen where you can choose to either login using your Google or Github accounts


The GitHub/Google methods are purely used to provide authentication to SAS with all of the data being stored on the SAS server.

Step 3 Load your manifest into SAS:

Once you have logged in you will be presented with the following collection screen:


  • Now click the Add IIIF manifest (URL) link and enter the URL to your manifest as below.


  • Then click Add. Depending on how many pages the Manifest has, this might take a minute or two to index.
  • Once your manifest is loaded you should see it appear in your default Collection:


Once you have finished annotating click the Home link at the top to get back to your collections.

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