Introduction to IIIF

In this guide, we'll be walking you through getting started with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) tools, standards, and community. We'll cover a wide range of topics as a string of concrete examples and interactive demonstrations.

Starting with a basic conceptual overview of IIIF and its benefits, we'll then look at what content can be enhanced with IIIF and where you can find and interact with existing content. Following that, we'll walk through how to expose your image content through a IIIF-enabled image server, introduce you to the many server options and production concerns, and then talk about viewers and clients. We'll demonstrate the Leaflet and OpenSeadragon image viewers, and then introduce the IIIF Presentation API, which allows you to provide your users advanced features for interacting with structured collections of images, such as digitised books, conservation photography collections, and archival document structures. We'll then show how you can expose these resources through several IIIF Presentation API-enabled viewers, including Mirador and the Universal Viewer.

The remainder of this guide will be a series of interactive questions and answers, with guidance on where you can go for more information. We end with a mention of some of the other use cases and specifications coming soon in IIIF and how to become more involved in the community.

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