Leaflet-IIIF is a JavaScript library for creating zoomable views of IIIF images. It is a plugin for the popular library LeafletJS.

Here is an example:

Leaflet-IIIF allows you to use the expressivity of Leaflet and its plugin ecosystem all at the same time to display IIIF images.

Let's take a look at that Leaflet-IIIF instance and how it works.

The Leaflet-IIIF tilelayer is a subclass of L.Tilelayer and so it in inherits many of the properties of this class, including instantiation options, methods and events. Not all of these are relevant (or work :))

Some of the reasons why you would use Leaflet-IIIF:

  • It is lightweight (by far the lightest weight IIIF Image API library)
  • Works great on mobile
  • Accessibility minded
  • A huge community of plugins to integrate with

A drawback of the plugin, is that there is some functionality that is not yet implemented. But it mostly handles the 95% use cases.

More examples of fun stuff you can do with Leaflet-IIIF.

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