Why do you want to use IIIF?

Many libraries, archives, organizations, and museums store and provide access to images. Images transmit scholarship, culture, and understanding. There are a lot of great reasons to adopt IIIF, first and foremost, you don't need to keep solving common problems1.

  • I am locked into my image delivery software
  • I need a newer, faster image server
  • I want deep zoom
  • I want to allow users to visually compare objects in the collection
  • I want to make it easy for my users to cite and share my images
  • I want to allow visitors to annotate my images online
  • I want to allow embedding of my images in blogs and web pages

These things should not have to be invented each time.

IIIF aims to solves these problems (and others)

IIIF aims to solve these problems (and others) by providing standards, a community of practice, software creators, and content providers.

By collaboration in this manner, we are able to create more tools, better software, and gain access to more content.

1. Everything you ever wanted to know about IIIF but were too afraid to ask: https://www.slideshare.net/Cogapp/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-iiif-but-were-too-afraid-to-ask

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