Prerequisites for the workshop

This workshop is meant to be hands-on and interactive. This means you have the option of installing the software and playing with it during the workshop. We would prefer not to spend time during the workshop getting everyone setup, so some things are needed in advance of the workshop.

IIIF Server Requirements

In this workshop we will install and run the IIIF Image server Cantaloupe. To run Cantaloupe you will need Java 8 installed.

To verify you have the correct package installed, you can run the following command from a terminal or command prompt:

$ java -version
# java version "1.8.0_102"

You should see version 1.8.x

In this workshop, we will be running commands from a terminal / command prompt. No need to be an expert, but you can get familiar in advance.

If you need help navigation around your computer using a terminal, checkout these quick exercises:

Using a text editor

We recommend some familiarity with a text editor before coming to the workshop. If you don't know which text editor to choose, a good, free, open source option is atom.

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