Searching Annotations

In the last session we looked at downloading annotations so they could be linked to a manifest. In this session we are going to look at adding a Search service to the manifest so that the annotations you created can be searched using a IIIF Viewer. The procedure to achieve this is:

  • Find the SAS IIIF Search URL
  • Add a link to the Search service in your manifest
  • Test with a IIIF Viewer

Step 1: Find the IIIF Search URL

If you navigate to your collections page either by clicking on the Home link or by navigating to:

On the collections page click "Browse Annotations":


and then you will be taken to the Manifest page. Now select the Configure IIIF Search link highlighted below.


The IIIF search page gives details on how to add a link to the search service. Copy the URL circled in Red in the image below:


Now open up your Manifest in VS Code and it should look like this:


Now add the following JSON to the manifest after the label:

"service": {
    "profile": "",
    "@id": "SEARCH_ID",
    "@context": ""

Now replace the SEARCH_ID with the URL you copied earlier. In my example it would look like:


Step 3: Test with a IIIF Viewer

Test your manifest with the Universal Viewer to see if has worked.

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