Publishing your annotated Manifest

Now you have finished editing your manifest you can upload it to your Workbench so you can share it with others. The reason we have been developing with the Chrome Web Server version is that GitHub caches all of the Website files and so it takes a while for the changes you make to appear on the Website.

There are three stages to this process:

  • Stage 1: Upload your annotations
  • Stage 2: Edit your manifest to point to the Annotations in Workbench
  • Stage 3: Replace your manifest on Workbench

Navigate to the Manifests part of the Workbench and delete the old version and then Upload your edited copy. GitHub will be updated quite quickly but the public Web version can take a couple of minutes to update. If you click on the IIIF icon it will open your manifest in a new window. If you do Shift Refresh until your changes appear.

You should now be able to see your annotations in the following places:

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