British Library Hands on IIIF Workshop

The staff of the IIIF Consortium are working with the BL to provide a custom 5 day training introducing the benefits and opportunities of using IIIF. Where possible examples will be provided using BL content and participants are encouraged to identify BL content they can use through the workshop. These could be images, audio-visual content or existing material that is available on the BL websites. For more information on the BL IIIF collection please see the IIIF Collection Guide.

The workshop is intended to give you a hands on experience of working with IIIF images, Manifests and AV resources. No prior technical or IIIF knowledge is required and all the tools will be made available using a Web Browser like Chrome or Firefox. You will be asked to register for a free Github account, instructions will be provided. There will be five 1 hour meetings each day. Participants should set aside a couple of hours each day to work through the tasks provided. The 5 sessions will be as follows:

  • Day 1 - Using IIIF - A user perspective
    • Introduction to IIIF tools
    • Comparing content
    • AV Tools
  • Day 2 - IIIF Images
    • Dissecting a IIIF Image
    • IIIF Image setup
    • Finding BL images
  • Day 3 - IIIF Manifests - Books / Manuscripts / Newspapers etc.
    • Looking at manifests and collections
    • Working with AV material
  • Day 4 - Annotations and Crowdsourcing
    • Creating annotations using Mirador
    • Making crowdsourcing data available
  • Day 5 - Projects demos
    • Demo the work you have been doing during the week.
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