Creating static tiled images

There are a couple of command line libraries that will create static images. They are often listed with dynamic iiif servers or api libraries in the [Awesome IIIF readme] (

  1. iiif_s3 - Ruby library for generating a static IIIF level 0 Image and Presentation API server on Amazon S3.
  2. iiif - Python library providing a reference implementation of the Image API. Also includes a test server and static tile generator.
  3. iiif-tiler - Java library for generating static IIIF tiles (compliant with the V2.1 and 3.0 of the IIIF Image API).
  4. iiif-static-choices (not in readme).

Automating the process


The script above allows pdf, png, jpg, jp2, and tif files to be dumped into a folder, the script to be run and all files in the folder will be created into level 0 IIIF images. It uses the iiif library (#2) to create these tiled images.

It also preserves the file structure of the files you have dumped. For example, if you have two folders (cat-photos and dog-photos) in images, the output directory will keep that folder structure.

Install and running steps

  1. Create fork of
  2. Clone your fork locally: git clone[yourusername]/dhsi-iiif-2024
  3. Change directory into your fork git clone dhsi-iiif-2024
  4. Make sure python with pip is installed
  5. Create virtual environment. python3 -m venv [nameofenv]
  6. Activate virtual environment. source [nameofenv]/bin/activate
  7. Install dependencies pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  8. Dump files you want to convert into the images folder.
  9. Move to the script directory cd day1
  10. Run the script python3
  11. View your images in the iiif folder

If the above doesn't work

  1. Create fork of
  2. Clone your fork locally: git clone[yourusername]/dhsi-iiif-2024
  3. add your images to the images folder.
  4. add your images to the repository git add images
  5. create a commit message git commit -m "add images"
  6. push to your repository git push origin main
  7. Wait for the script to run, you can view the progress here:[yourusername]/dhsi-iiif-2024/actions
  8. When it's green you should have files in the iiif folder.


  • Look at the files we have created. What can you tell about them. How do you think these are used?
  • Do they differ from the Workbench?
  • What are some limitations of this method?
  • What are some positivies?
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