Crowdsourcing transcriptions

  1. Cratylus - a crowd-sourced art tagging toolset.
  2. FromThePage - a crowdsourcing platform for archives and libraries where volunteers transcribe, index, and describe historic documents.
  3. Madoc - a flexible crowdsourcing, research and teaching platform for digitised collections.
  4. Zooniverse - A proof-of-concept, annotating a IIIF manifest with Zooniverse classification data. See also Importing images into Zooniverse with a IIIF manifest: introducing an experimental feature and Fun with IIIF on the ability to use IIIF to import media into the Zooniverse project builder.

CMS integrations

  1. IIIF Toolkit - IIIF Toolkit by University of Toronto Libraries is a plugin for Omeka Classic (2.3+) that integrates Mirador with a built-in annotator, a manifest generator, Simple Pages shortcodes and Exhibit Builder blocks for a rich presentation experience.


  1. AllMaps - Georeference manifest images with annotations.


  1. ALTO to annotation list
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