Annontate is a web application that serves as an Annotation server. Instead of writng annotations to a database it writes them to a GitHub repository that also hosts your images and manifests. Go to for more documentation about the functionality of Annonatate.

Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Click the login with GitHub button
  3. Log in
  4. You should see the homepage
  5. Click on the Add Image button in the My Images section.
  6. Click on the Use external image button. If you want to mess around without a specific image, click on one of the demo images in the section below.
  7. Add the URL of the image or manifest you want.
  8. Choose from one the options that appears. Add to My Images: it will add the image to My Images so it will continue to appear so you can use it. Make Copy: (This only appears if the URL is a manifest): This will create a copy of the manifest in your workspace. This is handy if you want your annotations list URLs added to your manifest automatically. View: will allow you to view the image in the annotation viewer without adding it to the My Images section.
  9. After you click on any of the three buttons the pop up will disappear and the My Images section will collapse. Click on the + icon to expand the My Images section. Click on one of the shapes in the toolbar.
  10. Drag your mouse over the section of the image you want to annotate. Enter any text, georeferencing and/or tags you want to sent and click Save.
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