Week Overview

Day 1 Goals

  • Introductions
  • The "Why" Behind IIIF
  • Introduction to the IIIF Image API
  • Build Projects with the IIIF Image API

Day 2 Goals

  • Review the IIIF Image
  • Based on our previous work, reflect the on the benefits if the Image API and think about what else is needed
  • Transition to the IIIF Presentation API
  • Generate Manifests
  • Publishing Manifests
  • Using and Configuring IIIF Viewers in our own Projects

Day 3 Goals

  • Focus on more advanced use cases
  • Creating and Publishing Annotations
  • IIIF search API as a way to Search Annotations
  • Keep building your projects and integrating IIIF components

Day 4 Goals

  • Show and Tell of Some Advanced Use Cases from Niqui and Jeff
  • Learn to use Wax and Jekkyll to create a polished and maintainable website that can integrate and display IIIF resources
  • Keep working and polishing week projects

Day 5 Goals

  • Class Show and Tell.
  • Show us what you've been working on all week.
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