Presenting your Annotations

In this exercise we are going to create a presentation of our annotations using the Annona Storyboard viewer by Niqui O'Neill from NC State University Libraries. This will demonstrate the interoperability of these annotations and also provide an option for the end of week projects. Annona is a powerful tool to create stories from annotations and supports a wide variety of use cases. The most important one for this lesson is to support annotations created by the SimpleAnnotationServer (SAS).

The overall process is as follows:

  • Create your annotations in SAS
  • Get the link to your annotation list for a canvas (see previous page).
  • Pass the Annotation list URL to Annona:[Annotation List URL]

If you took the option of annotating the Manifest in your Workbench then you can go ahead and use Annona straight away. The URL is in the following form:

If you used the manifest2.json in your Chrome Web Server there are a few extra steps.

Step 1 Find your Manifest ID

The cause of this issue is the value of @id in your manifest doesn't match the URL that you type into the address bar of your browser. For example if you open up your manifest (http://localhost:8887/manifest2.json). You will see something similar to the following:

    "@context": "",
    "@id": "http://3063ff10-9dcd-47c4-a687-48df47f2c245",
    "@type": "sc:Manifest",
    "label": "Glen's fantastic manifest",

and the issue is @id should be:

    "@id": "http://localhost:8887/manifest2.json",

The effect of this is that SAS has been pointing the annotations to http://3063ff10-9dcd-47c4-a687-48df47f2c245 rather than http://localhost:8887/manifest2.json. For most tools like Mirador, this wouldn't be a big issue but Annona is one of the few that follows the links from the AnnotationList to the Manifest rather than from the Canvas to the AnnotationList.

The id issue is an important point to remember and applies to Manifests, Annotation lists and Collections. The @id should always match the URL you put in the browser to get the JSON. This self referencing id is sometimes referred to as resolvable. For example the @id is resolvable. The original id (http://3063ff10-9dcd-47c4-a687-48df47f2c245) was generated by the Bodleian Manifest Editor and is meant to be unique but can't be resolvable as the Manifest Editor doesn't know where you are going to put the Manifest.

BUT for the workshop we haven't asked you to change the @id because if you all changed it to http://localhost:8887/manifest2.json when you went to SAS all of the annotations would have been combined and it would have caused chaos!

Step 2 Fix your Annotation list

The fix we are going to do is to do a search and replace in the Annotation list and replace all instances of the temporary manifest id (http://3063ff10-9dcd-47c4-a687-48df47f2c245) with the real URL to the manifest (http://localhost:8887/manifest2.json).

Step 3 Navigate through your annotations

Once this is done you should be able to view your annotations in the Storyboard viewer by using the following URL:[URL to your Annotations List]

If you named your annotations annotations1.json the link would be:

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