The identifier is highlighted below. Everything to the right of the identifier is controlled by the Image API and is predictable. In the viewer below a full IIIF image URL is shown. One thing to watch out for with a image URL is that it uses https rather than http. With http URLs you will not be able to open the image in a https hosted viewer.

You can see some different image examples by changing the identifier.


As well as an image URL there is another special file accessible from the Identifier and this is the info.json:

This is a small JSON file that gives information to a viewer on the makeup of the image and what the server supports. For example the info.json gives the full width and height of the source image. A simple example info.json is below:

  "@context": "",
  "@id": "",
  "protocol": "",
  "width": 5471,
  "height": 3757,
  "tiles": [
      "width": 512,
      "scaleFactors": [
  "profile": [
      "formats": [
      "supports": [

The profile element advertises what the image server supports. In this example it only supports the jpg image format and a few features. These features are defined in the Image API specification.

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