Guest presentations

During the week there were a number of guest presentations covering topics raised by participants or going more in depth around different tools.

Day 2: IIIF and AI

Guest lecture by Jack Reed, Stanford University

This workshop will showcase several projects and uses for using machine learning with IIIF content. Based on

Day 3: Storiiies – a free online storytelling platform for everyone

Guest lecture by Andy Cummins, Cogapp

Take people on a journey round your images. Pan, zoom and annotate points of interest. Whether you are telling the story of an Old Master painting, exploring the cover artwork of your favourite album or teaching a remote cohort the intricacies of an ancient papyrus, Storiiies enables clear, elegant and engaging online storytelling.

In this presentation Andy Cummins from Cogapp will demonstrate both the editing and viewing experience of Storiiies enabling all attendees to begin creating their own stories. He will describe how you can quickly reuse the manifests and annotation lists created by the system in Mirador and other IIIF compatible viewers.

Andy is keen to hear any feedback on Storiiies to help direct future enhancements for the good of the wider IIIF community.

Day 3: Supporting Teaching and Scholarship using Omeka and IIIF

Guest lecture by Rachel Di Cresce, University of Toronto

Rachel Di Cresce, Project Librarian, will review how a set of IIIF plugins developed by the University of Toronto Library for the Omeka Classic platform. The talk will outline how IIIF is used at the library and how Omkea supports classes and faculty research.

Day 4: IIIF and AV

Guest presentation by Andy Irving, British Library.

Andy Irving from the British Library will talk about how they are using the new A/V features in IIIF version 3.0.

Day 4: Crowdsourced Transcription using FromThePage & IIIF

Guest Presentation by Sara and Ben Brumfield from Brumfield labs.

A hands on workshop that will walk you through:

  • Ingesting IIIF material into FromThePage for transcription
  • Configuring transcription conventions and privacy
  • Discussion of how research projects have used transcription
  • Advanced features in FromThePage: Translation, OCR Correction, Field Based Transcription
  • Exporting & using FromThePage's IIIF API to pull transcriptions out for reuse
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