These workshop materials are to support a 5 day training course and can be followed in an organised class setting or independently. Each lesson is accompanied by a video and exercises and are regularly updated for each course. If you are following this workshop independently you can get help from the IIIF community using the IIIF Slack, particularly the beginners channel.

At the end of this workshop there is a survey and we would be grateful if you could fill it in so we know how it went.

The workshop is split into 5 different areas which were split into 5 days:

All of these sessions were recorded and you will find them embedded in the relevant sections.

Some of the core sessions include prerequisite videos to watch before attending and for the introduction session on Day 1 we would like you to watch the following introductory session:

Project Work

As part of the online course participants were encouraged to work on a project as they worked through the different presentations to give them hands on experience of the tasks that were being taught. You can see a list of projects the participants produced in the Project work section of the training. If you would like your project listed please get in contact with Glen Robson, IIIF Technical Coordinator on the IIIF Slack.

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