Configuring Cantaloupe to use your images.

Congrats now you have your image server up and running! We need to feed it some images to keep it happy!

Download some images

Go ahead and download a *.jpg image from the Internet into your Cantaloupe directory Cantaloupe-3.4.2. Here is one eddie.jpg that you can use.

Configure Cantaloupe to use the correct path

Now we need to configure Cantaloupe to use that image directory.

Navigate to the admin page

Click on "Resolver", then click "FilesystemResolver" tab.

Next fill in Path Prefix to be ./

file resolver

Check it out in the browser

Now you should be able to navigate to an image's info.json response successfully.


And if everything goes right, you should see an info.json response.

info json

Let's finally check it using the Leaflet-IIIF image api viewer.

Try this url:

Notice how we added our local IIIF server's info.json response url as a parameter. This is used by IIIF Image API clients to understand how they can request images/tiles.

eddie in iiif

Cross our fingers, but you should see a picture of Eddie in a zoomable viewer.

Other ways to view this image include:

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