Installing an Annotation Server

We are now going to attempt to install an Annotation Server locally. For this you will need:

  • The Chrome Web server you setup as part of the Presentation API. This should be running on port 8887 and the directory should be dhsi2019.
  • Atom open ready for editing a manifest
  • A command line open and cd into the dhsi2019 directory. Remember the following commands:

    cd - Change directory

    ls - list directory

    pwd - to show you where you are (Print Working Directory)

Step 1:


Step 2:

  • Extract the zip file into your dhsi2019. On windows make sure it is extracted by right click on the file and uncompressing.

    Step 3:

  • In your terminal window cd into the sas directory which should have been created in the last step.
Glens-MacBook-Pro:tmp gmr$ cd sas
Glens-MacBook-Pro:sas gmr$ ls
2019_06_05.request.log        generated-sources        maven-status            surefire-reports
classes                generated-test-sources        simpleAnnotationStore        test-classes
dependency            maven-archiver            simpleAnnotationStore.war    work

Step 4:

  • Run the SimpleAnnotationStore:

java -jar dependency/jetty-runner.jar simpleAnnotationStore.war

Step 5:


  • You may need to format the JSON. To do this go to the Packages menu then Pretty Json, then Prettify


  • Now Change the @id from to http://localhost:8887/manifest.json



Step 8:


  • Copy the URL in the search bar so you can use it later. In my example above this would be http://localhost:8080/search-api/localhost:8887/search
  • Now open up the Manifest in Atom and it should look like this:


  • Now add the following JSON to the manifest after the label:
"service": {

    "profile": "",
    "@id": "SEARCH_ID",
    "@context": ""

  • Now replace the SEARCH_ID with the URL you copied earlier. In my example it would look like:


Step 10:


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