Collections are away to organize manifests into groups, allow us the ability to share groups of manifest with a single URL.

Collection Tree Navigator for Mirador

The collection tree navigator for Mirador came about to address the need of showing objects in nested collections to ease navigation and avoid server slow-down. Collection-level manifests are often very large and can contain many sub-collections within them. As such, it became important for users to navigate through collections easily and without losing context.

The aeature allows users to:

  • View entire collections with sub-collections in a tree structure on manifest selection panel
  • Easily navigate across collections


Let's create your and serve your own collection

  1. Find at least five manifests and organize them into a collection, following the IIIF guidelines
  2. Save your collection as mycollection.json in the myManifests folder on your Desktop.
  3. Server your manifests and collections with $ http-server --cors
  4. In the example.html file in the Mirador directory file configure mirador to load a collection.

     "data": [
       { "collectionUri": "https://localhost:8080/mycollection.json"}

    1 Configure mirador to allow to browse your collection by changing the manifestsPanel module to the CollectionTreeManifestsPanel"

     "manifestsPanel": {
       "module": "CollectionTreeManifestsPanel",
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