Serve your manifest from a web service

Method 1: Serve your manifest locally

  • Use the HTTP server for node (this requires that npm is installed on your computer):
    • Install http-server, npm install -g http-server
    • Then in the directory with the manifest, run http-server --cors
    • The manifest should be available at
  • As a backup option, you also could install the Web Server for Chrome and then simply drop the manifest into its root folder (this could be dhsi2019/). The manifest then should be accessible at

Method 2: Serve your manifest via an online service

Using myjson:

  1. Copy and paste the contents of the manifest into
  2. Click "Save"; the link will be listed under "URI to access this JSON directly."

Using Github gist:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Drag and drop your manifest.json file into the window and click "Create Secret Gist" (or public if you like, it doesn't matter).


  3. After the gist is created, click the "Raw" button to get the raw file url.

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