Annotation Stores

Like image servers there are a number to choose from:

Popular ones include:

  • annotot - Simple IIIF annotations mounted in a Ruby on Rails applications by Jack Reed
  • Elucidate - Java and Postgres annotation server by Digirati
  • SimpleAnnotationServer - Java annotation server backed by an Apache Jena triple store, Sesame, or Solr. - developed while working at the NLW

    For this exercise we are going to be using the SimpleAnnotationServer and we are going to work on a copy of the National Library of Wales Book of Remembrance. You may remember this book from the Presentation API talk yesterday. The live version of the books is available at:

but we are going to use the following version which has a annotation server connected to Mirador:

Mirador doesn't cope well with multiple people annotating the same page so I will distribute the following sections to each of you:

  • Cavalry
  • Corps of Lancers
  • Grenadier Guards
  • The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
  • The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
  • Northumberland Fusiliers
  • Norfolk Regiment
  • The Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force Service in France (right at the bottom of the book)
  • New Zealand Expeditionary Force (also at the bottom)

I am going to ask you to transcribe one page for the section that you are assigned. As part of this project we wanted to capture not just a transcription but also the fields to allow research so we customised Mirador to capture the different fields.

To annotate a name:

Step 1:

  • To navigate make sure the pen and paper at the top left is disabled
  • Get the line in full view
  • Click the pen and paper to start annotating
  • Draw a box as well as you can around the name


  • Now type what you see (don't worry about the buttons yet). So in this example I would type Ty.Sub.Lt. Eric Hugh Allan R.N.R Bombala


  • Once you've typed everything double click on a word or highlight two words if required.


  • Now click the button that matches the type of the text. In this example I would click name and see the text go black:


  • Now do the rest:


  • Then click save:


  • Now complete the page
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